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Navex was founded and started off its activity as a Shipping Agent in the port of Lisbon on October 9th, 1967. Navex initially developed at a fast pace leading the Directors to decide on opening a new office at the main Northern-Portuguese port of Oporto, followed by the southern-port and one of the fastest-developing hubs of Sines. Later on Navex opened further offices presently including branches in the ports of Setúbal, Aveiro, Faro, Figueira da Foz, Viana do Castelo and the Islands of Madeira and the Azores.

  • Leader Shipping Agent

    Leader Shipping Agent in the Portuguese market in number of vessel calls.

  • Dedicated

    "customer service" unit, marked by the experience and motivation of his team.

  • National coverage

    National coverage that includes all major ports and economic areas in Portugal and Cape Verde, providing an integrated intermodal transport door to door to fulfill the needs of each customer.



Port Agency Services

Port assemblage to all types of vessels.

Forwarding and Liner Services

Containerized service to Northern Europe, UK, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Africa and the Americas.

Chartering Services

Chartering Agreements.

Project Cargo

Transport "Project Cargo" (industrial plants, parts and large machines, etc.)..

Energy Logistics

Full coverage of Portuguese and Cape Verdean ports, with different options for port calls, crew changes and other husbandry services.

Cruise & Yacht

Leading Agency promoting Portugal and Cape Verde as a cruise and superyacht destination, through innovative itinerary planning in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Port of Leixoes is situated at 41º 11' N Latitud and 8º 42' W Longitud.
The Port of Sines is located at 37º 57' N Latitud and 8º 53' W Longitud.
The Port of Setubal is situated in estuary of river Sado on Latitud 38º 26' N and Longitud 8º 59' O.
The Port of Lisbon is located in the estuary of the river Tagus and its coordinates are the following: 38º 42' N latitud and 09º 06' W longitud.

Since 1936 the INCOTERMS codes are used in commercial business being the most usefull the following:

- Exworks
This code means that the seller responsability finish when he places the goods at the disposal of the buyer at the seller's premises , in this circunstancies the goods are not cleared for export . The buyer has to support all costs and risks involved to pick up the goods from the seller's premises.

- FOB:s
The sellers responsability stoped, when the goods pass the ship's rail at the agreed port of shipment. The buyer has to take all costs and risks of loss of or damage of the goods from that point.

- CIF:s
This Cost , Insurance and Freight code means that the seller responsability finished when the goods pass the ship's rail in the port of shipment. The seller must pay all expenses including freight to bring the goods to the port of destination. In case of interest we suggest consult one of the several Sites about this matter , for instance: www.proqc.com.

1 feet = 0,3048 mts
1 meter = 3,2808 feet
1 yard = 0,9144 mts
1 league = 4,828 kms
1 nautical mile = 1,853 kms
1 knot = 1,8532 kms/hour

The inside capacity of a 20 ' container is approximately 33 cbm and its external dimensions are approximately:
- Height 2,3m
- Length 5,8 m
- Width 2,3m
Max. payload 18.140 kgs

A 40 ' container has the inside capacity of approximately 67 cbm and its external dimensions are approximately:
- Height 2,3m
- Length 12,1 m
- Width 2,3m
Max. payload 26.650kgs